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EBALDC’s 2017 Annual Marketing List

EBALDC is pleased to announce that we will be accepting pre-applications to our 2017 Annual Marketing List for Below Market Rate Affordable Housing units throughout 16 EBALDC properties.  

The 2017 Annual Marketing List allows you to apply electronically online and be considered for available Below Market Rate Affordable Housing units that become vacant throughout the year.  

Pre-applications will be accepted ONLINE only between
Monday, April 3, 2017, 12:00am to Sunday, April 9, 2017, 11:59pm

  1. Submit a completed online pre-application during the open period of 4/3/17 – 4/9/17 by CLICKING HERE
  2. For help see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ – available in 4 languages), the 2017 Annual Marketing List Online Pre-application Instructions (available late March) and Resident Selection Criteria links below.
  3. Print the confirmation page or write down your 2017 Annual Marketing List reference number after submitting your pre-application.

This is not for EBALDC’s Section 8 Project-Based subsidized housing units (PBS8 units).  The Annual Marketing List only applies to EBALDC’s Below Market Rate Affordable Housing units (non-PBS8 units or BMR units).


2016 Annual Marketing List and/or Prosperity Place Below Market Rate Affordable Housing Applicants

If you are an applicant to our 2016 Annual Marketing List and/or Prosperity Place Below Market Rate Affordable Housing List, these Lists will be archived and no longer used to fill units that become vacant after April 2017. Any applicant who wants to continue to be considered for vacancies of Below Market Rate units at any EBALDC property will have to reapply to the 2017 Annual Marketing List. When you reapply, you will receive a new reference number and a new random order will be established.

What information must I have in order to complete my 2017 pre-application?
The following is the minimum, mandatory information needed to complete the pre-application:

  1. Name and date of birth of Head of Household.
  2. Contact information for Head of Household and Alternate Contact Information (Alternate Contact is only mandatory if Head of Household does not have a phone number or email address).
  3. Names and dates of birth for all members of the household. A “household” is all members, including minors, with whom you intend to live.
  4. Gross monthly income amount for the entire household, including minors. 
  5. If any household member has a current Section 8 voucher and for what bedroom size.

Detailed instructions will be available during the Marketing List open period.  During 4/3/17 – 4/9/17, click the 2017 Annual Marketing List Online Pre-Application Instructions PDF link below and refer to it as you complete your pre-application. 

There is no fee for completing the pre-application. You may choose multiple properties that you wish to be considered for in one pre-application.  All applicant households are subject to regulations that dictate applicant eligibility for EBALDC affordable housing. See Eligibility Restrictions & Resident Selection Criteria link below for more information.

Only one (1) pre-application per person is allowed. Persons found to be on multiple pre-applications will have all pre-applications related to that person removed from the Marketing List.

Online Submission: The pre-application form will not allow you to save your data and return to complete it at another time. You will not be given an option to print your completed pre-application at the end of the online submission. Print each page as you go if you want a record of your completed pre-application. Once you submit your online pre-application, you will be given a verification message that your pre-application was successfully submitted along with your pre-application reference number. Please keep this reference number for your records. It will be used as your pre-application ID.

After all pre-applications have been processed and you have been notified in writing of the status of your pre-application from EBALDC, changes and updates can be made in writing to:

2017 Marketing List Update
1825 San Pablo Ave, Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94612

For information you may also call our 24-hour Marketing List Information Hotline at (510) 606-1857. 

All requests for Reasonable Accommodation will be considered. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Paper pre-applications are available only due to a Reasonable Accommodation and must be completed & postmarked by Sunday, April 9th, 2017.  Please call (510) 761-9129 between Monday, March 27th and Sunday, April 9th to request a pre-application reasonable accommodation.


Prosperity Place Apartments

EBALDC’s newest building, Prosperity Place Apartments, is undergoing leasing during early 2017. Prosperity Place includes both Below Market Rate Affordable Housing (BMR) and Project Based Section 8 (PBS8) units.

If you submitted a pre-application to Prosperity Place in July 2016 and have not been called to interview for housing, depending on what type of unit you selected, you will:

  • Continue to be on the Prosperity Place Project Based Section 8 (PBS8) waiting list.  It is your responsibility to update your contact and household information if and when it changes, 

  • Need to reapply to the 2017 Annual Marketing List if you still wish to be considered for Below Market Rate Affordable Housing (non-PBS8 / BMR) units that become vacant after initial lease-up.  The current BMR lease-up list will be archived and no longer used for leasing vacant BMR units after initial lease-up.

For more 2017 Annual Marketing List information see the following links:


For more Prosperity Place Apts information see the following links:


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